Project Type: Testing

Tuvvaq Rig Mat

Tuvvaq 2.0 Rig Mat

Canadian Mat Systems (CMS) is a leading manufacturer of temporary structural foundation panels, commonly called mats, used to support operational activity in areas of low weight-bearing soil conditions. They approached us to optimize the design and materials for their Tuvvaq Rig Mat to reduce weight, cost and increase longevity while meeting functional requirements.  These mats,…

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Support

F35 Joint Strike Fighter

Magellan Aerospace is a global aerospace company that provides complex assemblies and systems solutions to aircraft and engine manufacturers, and defense and space agencies worldwide. The manufacture and assembly of components for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program required Magellan to adopt new and advanced manufacturing technologies. We provided expertise supporting the qualification process…

Mining Control Panel Enclosure

Mining Control Panel Enclosure

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology is a leading global supplier of mining and rock excavation equipment, technology and services. We worked with Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology to design a waterproof fibreglass enclosure that houses the Sandvik Eris Control Panel. The panel is used in a harsh mining environment to remotely operate mining equipment and…

Quality Control Support

CTS Composites

CTS Composites (CTS), a supplier of patterns and molds, approached us to perform quality control testing for tools and infused carbon fibre parts that they were manufacturing for a thrill ride client. We were asked to demonstrate that a minimum glass transition temperature for the composite material was achieved. For the tools, this confirms that…

Spider Brush Head

Spider Brush Head

Sande Curling Innovations is dedicated to improving the sport of curling and reached out to us for support with developing a new product. They had a concept for an optimized brush head that distributed pressure evenly to give curlers better control of the rock’s direction and speed. We stepped in to help them bring the…

Epoxy Development Support

Polycast is a leading source for technically demanding quality epoxy-resin castings and is consistently working to design and develop new epoxy cast products for their clients. Part of that product development includes the need for reliable and quick testing to move forward. They reached out to us for testing support when they were developing a…

Composite Manhole Cover

manhole cover

WD Industrial Group, a Winnipeg manufacturer for the municipal sewer and water industry, had a project started to develop a composite manhole cover with the main objective to significantly reduce the weight. They required composite materials expertise and brought us in to assist with the analysis, testing and prototyping of the new cover. We began…

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