Our experienced team of engineers and technicians works with you at any stage of the product development process. From using one of our core services to support your internal capabilities to taking your concept to a functional prototype and low-volume production, we deliver the results you need to commercialize your product with composite materials.

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Whether it’s creating your first CAD models, optimizing your design for ease of manufacturing or balancing cost targets with production volumes, we have the expertise to meet your requirements. We work with you to define the requirements needed in your design.

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We specialize in performing stress analysis to optimize the design of composite and multi-material structures. A detailed analysis can reduce development time by giving you a complete picture of how your product will perform under predicted loads.

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We provide mechanical, thermal and physical properties testing in our in-house lab to support the product development process. We can perform testing to determine design and analysis inputs, or assist with your quality control process by verifying material properties.

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We offer low-volume production services for composite and multi-material parts in addition to our prototyping capabilities. Working with us to fabricate your products prior to a large production run will save you time and money and also verify the design and materials will suit your needs.

Project Management

We use an in-house, practiced project management system that keeps our projects within scope, on time and on budget while delivering quality results. All of our project managers are experienced engineers who work directly with you to understand your needs and requirements. They work collaboratively with you throughout the entire project and ensure you have a complete understanding of the results.

We have countless hours of project management experience on projects of all sizes; from ten hour projects with one client to two year projects with multiple collaborators and stakeholders. Our experience gives us the knowledge to mitigate risks, stay on schedule and budget, increase productivity and the quality of work and prioritize your resources to ensure efficient use.

Integrated Services Team

One of our biggest strengths is our ability to collaborate not only with our clients, but internally to guarantee the best results.

When you have the Design, Analysis, Testing and Fabrication Teams at one table for a discussion, no details are missed in the product development process. Everyone on our team brings a unique perspective to the table, creating successful outcomes for each project. This also reduces development time for our clients and limits pain points by having all of our services in-house.

We are defined by a great team of people that have the experience, knowledge and skills to get you the results you are looking for.

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Our experience
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With almost two decades
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