Epoxy Development Support

Client: Polycast
Industry: Industrial
Service(s): Testing

Polycast is a leading source for technically demanding quality epoxy-resin castings and is consistently working to design and develop new epoxy cast products for their clients. Part of that product development includes the need for reliable and quick testing to move forward. They reached out to us for testing support when they were developing a new epoxy formulation.

This was an ongoing project to determine the best formulation for a casting epoxy that would meet specific mechanical performance requirements. We received test panels on a weekly basis in order to perform tensile tests to see how the formulation would perform. We then would provide timely feedback and results for Polycast to adjust the formula. This iterative process continued until they were satisfied that their new epoxy formulation had the required mechanical properties.

Performing all testing in-house, we worked collaboratively with Polycast to support the development of a new epoxy and were able to provide reliable results within their tight timelines.

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