Spider Brush Head

Client: Sande Curling Innovations
Industry: Sporting Goods
Service(s): Analysis, Design, Fabrication, Testing

Sande Curling Innovations is dedicated to improving the sport of curling and reached out to us for support with developing a new product. They had a concept for an optimized brush head that distributed pressure evenly to give curlers better control of the rock’s direction and speed. We stepped in to help them bring the concept to life with our design, analysis, testing and fabrication capabilities.

Our Design Team worked directly with Sande Curling Innovations to understand the specifications for an elite-level brush head including weight, cost and performance targets. We went through over 20 design iterations and performed Finite Element Analysis on the final design to ensure it would perform as intended. Our Fabrication Team then prototyped the brush head for on-ice testing and assisted Sande Curling Innovations with finding a suitable manufacturer. A key feature of the new design is the clip-in system to easily replace the foam pad when it wears out. We also performed compression testing to determine the best foam for the pad.

We worked collaboratively with Sande Curling Innovations to develop the lightweight brush head that is optimized for performance. The Spider Brush Head is commercially available at curling equipment retailers and is used by professional curling teams across Canada.

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