Client: Genome Prairie
Industry: Transportation
Service(s): Design, Fabrication

Genome Prairie, a non-profit organization dedicated to advanced genomics research, wanted to create a mobile lab that they could put on the back of an existing vehicle to be able to access technical equipment in the field. The Molecular Biology Interactive Learning Enterprise (MOBILE) lab needed to have room to operate equipment and store supplies and samples, all while having a comfortable space for a person to work in. The lab would be used for performing genomics activities in the field or as a movable classroom for demonstrations.

We worked hand-in-hand with Genome Prairie to define the product requirements, design the lab with the manufacturing process in mind and then create a functional prototype in our shop. The design had to fit onto an existing speciality-use vehicle and have a table top, chair, ventilation openings and secure mounting points to fit onto the chassis. We created direct-to-mould tooling and then fabricated the full-scale fibreglass prototype in our shop including: the left and right hand shells, two doors and the table top. We also assembled and painted the complete unit.

We helped Genome Prairie take their concept through the product development process, resulting in a functional prototype they can use to prove the concept and support the business case to move it into production.

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